Writing from 2013-14

It's 2014 me!

It’s 2014 me!

green activists

Activists want to talk about climate change

old sisters

Pullman woman, siblings have 90 years of catching up to do


Daoists celebrate 20 years of work and study in Genesee

Idaho tattoo troubles

Defining womanhood

Race isn’t a costume

Basic girls unite

Not all use concealed carry

Paying for permits

Why I stayed

Open again — Patty’s Mexican Kitchen reopens for spring, summer

Modern living downtown– Turnstone Flats LLC, “green” living and business space, now open in downtown Moscow

Out in Idaho — LGBTQ acceptance starts on campus, students speak about their experience

Above is my first major project as a journalist!

Market value — Moscow Farmers Market to undergo value assessment

Zombies for charity — Normal Hill organizes fourth annual Zombie Walk to support Palouse Habitat for Humanity

Above is the first reporter assignment I was given in my career.



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