Writing from 2016

My professional mug from 2016.


A map of future growth in the Kuna school district.







Renovating the Kave





Chilly runners race for frozen turkeys at local event

Kuna police, fire and EMT work to rescue a teen involved in a police standoff.







A teen in crisis

Dawn Scotton, left, and her oldest daughter Amanda Carpenter, right, discuss how the lights and sounds are placed in the forest.







A permit nightmare

A design sketch of the Idaho Power Swan Falls Dam museum







Giving history an update

Kuna police search the nearby greenbelt for a missing suspect.







Man wielding machete robs Kuna bank

Jared Bensen, Nampa, plays Pokemon Go with his two sons in downtown Nampa.







Gotta catch them all in Nampa

A pin supporting the Kuna Public Library bond.







Voters reject $3.9 million Kuna library bond

The Huston Vineyard blooms on the Sunnyslope hills







Blooming vineyards ready for close-up

About 220 Idaho Air National Guard personnel of the 124th fighter wing deploys.







A nighttime departure

A single buttercup emerges among surviving grass after the Soda Fire.







A mix of hope and skepticism




So you want to vote for your candidate?

Two Nampa business owners explain how their store fronts were damaged by bricks.








Two Nampa shops burglarized Thursday

The original building of the Mercy Medical Hospital, in Nampa, burned down in January, 2016.








Nampa history up in flames

(This story was awarded for General Excellence by the Idaho Press Club in 2017.)