Writing from 2017

Me at my bridal shower!

Date provided by the Ada County Sheriff’s Office.







Data shows sexual assault, domestic violence on the rise

Jerry Coburn, Kuna, right, with his fiance’ and son.








Kuna family refuses to give up search for missing man

Don Johnson, right, and May Johnson, left, pose for a photo at the Kuna United Methodist Church.









One couple’s hard work affects residents for years to come

A conceptual design of Main Street in downtown Kuna.







City of Kuna, Ada County Highway District plans to revamp Kuna by 2022

A design of the upcoming Bi-Mart store



Hello Bi-Mart






Racing for Ryan

Police create a perimeter around a Kuna subdivision during a standoff.









Man dead after hourslong standoff with Kuna policeĀ 

Charlie greets a customer at the Kuna Albertsons.









Hey, Charlie’s back!